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Great work...

It is always nice to see something original in the portal. Although short, I found this really entertaining. From start to finish it ran extremely smooth, not what you usually see from a first animation. It seems as though you have put a good deal of thought into to this piece. I am curious to see what you will be able to progress with in the future. Good luck!

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DrJesus responds:

Thank you kindly. I've in mind to do more Mannerless Automaton shorts if they prove successful.

o.O I love it...

I cannot remember the last flash that deserved a ten. This was absoulutly awsome. I have seen a lot of entries, but this is my favorite one on newgrounds. You have obvioulsy put a lot of work into this flash. Thank you for that.

The graphics were amazing. You really have a great style. The characters were done to perfection. I could not find any glitches or rough spots at all. It is rare to see a flash of this magnitude. I had a lot of fun watching this flash.

You are very creative. The scenes you were able to come up with were really somthing else. The song was perfect. Has to be the funniest one I have heard in a long time. This was very creative. It also had a flow to it. Not jumpy at all.

We have all seen a lot of Ultimate Showdown parodies, this is clearly the best. You did not slap some characters into it and try to pass it off. This was halarious. I think that this rivals the Ultimate showdown without a doubt. Genious.

I have seen most of your work as it comes through and love it all. You take a lot of pride into your work and that is greatly apprecited. It is nice to see somone care about what they put into newgrounds. Most do not seem to anymore.

I have had to watch it a couple times now. After each new time, there is somthing I missed. Even the buildings being shaped the way they were in the original city scene I had missed. So many minor touches that really made this shine.

I just want to congragulate you for this piece. I love it. I cannot see it not being a hit here. Thanks for making this for us all to see. I cannot wait to see what else you will come up with. Very original, very fun. Best way to go. Take it easy.

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NotSafeForWork responds:

Thank you Turkeybean!
Indeed, there'll probably be something new to find each time you watch it. (There's even some details that maybe you won't notice! ^^)


This was actually really good. I enjoyed getting to watch it. I have seen a lot of toof parodies, but this is really one of my favorite. It had a great sense of style and humor. The way you were able to work everything in was great. Certainly worth saving to newgrounds. Good job man, now make another.

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Packed with features...

Great job guys. This was quite a fun game to play. I have always like shooters like this. I was very surprised by how many different ways there were to play the game. This is somthing with serious replay value. Not many games have that anymore. All the options and such really make this game stand out among the others.

I have not had the chance to try all the different ways to play in depth yet, I am looking forward to it though. I have flipped through what is there, just awsome. I would not doubt it took all the time you claimed it did. I will admit that there are a couple things that could be touched up, but they are simply minor.

From the looks of the menus, I think you guys could have done more with the backgrounds. They were simple, maybe could have used a little more detail. It may or may not just distract from the rest of the gameplay though. So a bit of a tossup. At any rate, it was a great game, keep them coming. I'm curious to see what you can do.

Great work...

This was really a great game. It was clearly well done. You put some major effort into this. I like the way it was able to keep the arcade feel all the way through. I have seen some only keep it throught he preloader and tittle.

Gameplay was great. It was extremly smooth. The way the upgrade's were sent up made for a nice touch. Usually it is just a simple little dot, but the upgrade bars still help true to the ovrall style. I have always enjoyed games like this.

I have seen a great deal of ball games, but this one is the best of them. It was well planned, animated and thought out. It would be good to see you continue as small arcade series in this style. I think it could be very succesful.

Good to see there are still some people here on newgrounds that care about the quality of their work. The level design was a very nice touch. Helps show you actually worked on this. Keep it up man. Thanks for the game.

Great game...

This has to be the best dress-up game I have played. There have of course been numerous games of this type put into the portal, this is the first to take it to this level. Both the amount and variety of the features this offers is excellent.

The fact that a personal picture can be uploaded is a great feature. This is the first game I have seen that allows you to do that. Very nice touch. The amount of different things available for customization was huge. A lot of variety in this one.

It looks like you really put a lot of work into this one. There was a lot of attention paid to detail. That is great to see somone take pride in their work. This is one I will be saving for later. It could certainly become useful for a few good jokes. Great job.

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Great work...

Nice work Dave. This was a great track. It mixes a couple different genres, not an easy task. Coming out with a theme for a BBS club is not an easy feat. I like the fact that it had a lot mixed in, but still had a simple and clear sound. It was not overweighed by extra, unneeded effects.

This has a very original sound to it. I have listened to a lot of audio, but not many are able to pull off this sort of theme. It has a crisp rock base with a new feel twisted through it. It is far from techno, but not the old age metal either. It is something fresh with a lot of potential. Very nice.

If you get the time, I would like to hear you do more with this sort of theme. It has a really great sound and feel. I was able to listen to it a couple times and find new tones and effects. That is a sign of quality. If you can get everything it has to offer on the first time round it can be very repetitive.

Great work Dave, keep it up.

life responds:

This means alot after what TheThing said. :(

Thanks a lot, but if you're impressed by this I can do A LOT better.


This was great. I am surprised to come across a Zelda remix with such a personal touch. I have seen a lot of Zelda tracks, but none that are really able to rival this. This is an easy favorite. You must have put a lot of work into this one.

The variety is what I liked most about this piece. There were so many different sounds and tones used. Listening to this track multiple times allows for new things to be heard. Certainly something that should be replayed.

I can see that your work has taken off and by this track it is no surprise. You paid a lot of attention to detail here. That is a great thing to see audio artists do. I am anxious to see what else you will be putting out. Great work.

HouseMasta responds:

thanks a lot for the great review! im glad you noticed the subtletiles to it. i hope to hear from you again!


Great work...

This was an amazing piece of work. Everything was blended together very well. I could not hear any dead spots in the audio at all. Sounds as though you really put a lot of effort into this.

I like how many dfferent things you were able to include. It had a verydiverse feel to it overall, yet still was able to tie everything together. It will be fun to lsiten to your other tracks.

I myself have just started into the making of audio.Techno has been mychoice at this point. You will certainlybe a large inspiration for me. Your work is excellent as shall give a nice goal mark. Keep it up.

Draze responds:

Hey thanks dude, inspiring people is one of the greatest rewards composing has to offer :)

Thanks for the review, and Good Luck.

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